A front-end for querying the ontology terms4FAIRskills (available)

term4FAIRskills is an ontology to describe the necessary skills to make data FAIR and keep FAIR. FAIR itself is a set of principles for ensuring that data is shared in as efficient and effective a manner as possible. In the field of Data Science there are colloquial estimates that perhaps 80% of the time spent … full description “A front-end for querying the ontology terms4FAIRskills (available)”

Building a chatbot for student queries (available)

It is important that student queries are replied to quickly and accurately. Many of the requests for information are fully explained in resources such as the student handbook. These include questions such as where students request extensions on coursework or how shuold they inform College if they are absent from a lecture. Frequently these questions … full description “Building a chatbot for student queries (available)”

Jupyter notebooks (available)

  Prerequisites: experience with Python (useful) and Javascriptprogramming (essential). It may be useful to be willing to learn aboutfunctional programming (but this is not essential). Jupyter notebooks [1] are examples of literate programming [2] wherecode and outputs from the code as well as documentation are in the sameapplication. Jupyter allows the user to run code … full description “Jupyter notebooks (available)”