Interactive Visualisation of Disentangled Representations (completed)

This project aims to develop an interactive visualisation toolkit based on existing technologies (IPython & Plotly) that will assist researchers in debugging and understanding complex models in the area of representation learning. Representation learning is a sub-field of machine learning that focuses on developing techniques for representing objects that exist in high-dimensional space (e.g. faces … full description “Interactive Visualisation of Disentangled Representations (completed)”

Jupyter notebooks (available)

  Prerequisites: experience with Python (useful) and Javascriptprogramming (essential). It may be useful to be willing to learn aboutfunctional programming (but this is not essential). Jupyter notebooks [1] are examples of literate programming [2] wherecode and outputs from the code as well as documentation are in the sameapplication. Jupyter allows the user to run code … full description “Jupyter notebooks (available)”