What is UROP?

The Department of Computer Science offers undergraduate students an opportunity to become involved in cutting edge research through the Undergraduate Research Opportunity (UROP) programme. UROP projects are individual research projects conducted under the supervision of academics, often in collaboration with other members of their research groups. They allow undergraduate students to experience research first hand and provide training in relevant research skills including literature research, algorithm development, prototyping, and experimentation. Currently available UROPs are listed at http://urop.cs.rhul.ac.uk/projects.

Projects vary in starting time, duration, and weekly time commitment. Many projects will be available as full-time summer activities for a period of about six weeks; depending on the nature of the research, other projects could be part-time and last for a whole term or longer.

Participating students will receive payment to help with subsistence for the duration of the project. The standard payment rate will be £226.55 per week for full-time work. Part-time work will be compensated pro-rata. Some projects may have different arrangements, please refer to the project advert for details.

Participation in UROP will provide 40 RHUL passport points to recognise the extracurricular engagement. To register your passport points after completing your project, please complete the UROP passport form.