Algorithms for Temporal Graphs (completed)

The project will be co-supervised with Argyris Deligkas. The focus of the project is to study and optimize real-life networks that change over time. Some prominent examples of such networks include logistics schedules, public transportation systems, electricity-demand over power grids, information flows, and virus spreading. We plan to study this type of problems through the … full description “Algorithms for Temporal Graphs (completed)”

Bisimulation Algorithmics (available)

Labelled transition systems are a crucial abstraction to understandcomplex and distributed systems. Bisimulation, in its many variations,is conceptually at the core of many verification tools. One such toolis OvenMPST. OvenMPST is a tool for validatingand handling multiparty protocol specifications. In this tool,bisimulation plays a central role in establishing that a protocol iswell formed and correctly … full description “Bisimulation Algorithmics (available)”

Building a chatbot for student queries (available)

It is important that student queries are replied to quickly and accurately. Many of the requests for information are fully explained in resources such as the student handbook. These include questions such as where students request extensions on coursework or how shuold they inform College if they are absent from a lecture. Frequently these questions … full description “Building a chatbot for student queries (available)”

Entry into the PACE Parameterized Algorithms and Computational Experiments Challenge (completed)

Parameterized Complexity is a research field that, by its own self-description, strives to provide practical, yet theoretically well-founded ways to deal with computationally hard problems (e.g., so-called NP-hard problems). However, the vast majority of the work in the field is purely theoretical — there is a great toolbox of interesting and powerful algorithmic methods, which have been proven to have … full description “Entry into the PACE Parameterized Algorithms and Computational Experiments Challenge (completed)”

Local Search Heuristics for Schelling Games on Graphs (completed)

Schelling games were recently introduced and studied as a novel class of strategic games inspired by the Schelling’s model of residential segregation. These games are played on an undirected graph that represent the topology of a residential area. In addition, we are given a set of agents partitioned into multiple types. Each agent occupies a … full description “Local Search Heuristics for Schelling Games on Graphs (completed)”

Machine Learning for Crystal Structure Prediction (completed)

Crystal Structure Prediction (CSP) is one of the major problems in computational chemistry with numerous applications in real life. This is essentially the (global) minimisation of a continuous, high-dimensional, complicated function. Many heuristic methods have been proposed for CSP and recently new methods based on Machine Learning were introduced. The goal of this project is … full description “Machine Learning for Crystal Structure Prediction (completed)”

Minimal Ontological Model Discovery (available)

Why is quantum theory more efficient in describing the small-scale world? The answer may be hidden in the structure of the large data acquired in quantum experiments. All we obtain in experimenting on a quantum system, e.g. quantum computers, is a large dataset of probabilities (called a MOP), p(k|M,P), showing the probability of outcome k … full description “Minimal Ontological Model Discovery (available)”

Mixed Nash Equilibria in Net Coordination Games (completed)

Net Coordination Games form a special class of many-player games with several applications in Theoretical Computer Sciene, Multi Agent Systems, and Semi Supervised Learning.  Nash equilibria correspond to the stable outcomes and they are the prominent solution concept in games. It is known that Net Coordination Games possess a pure Nash equilibrium, but unfortunately, it … full description “Mixed Nash Equilibria in Net Coordination Games (completed)”