Instructions for Supervisors


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UROP Process

  1. If haven’t done so already for past UROPs, supervisor ask CIM helpdesk for an editor account on UROP website
  2. Supervisor posts project and sets project status to “available”
  3. Students apply via e-mail or in person
  4. Supervisor selects a student (no obligation to take on any student) and agrees on details of the project (exact time and duration)
  5. If departmental funding is necessary, supervisor contacts UROP coordinator (NP) to confirm funding with HoD. Please see the UROP 2019 specification document for details about procedure and deadlines for requesting fund support.
  6. Supervisor prepares UROP form and has student sign it. Pages 1 and 3 (signed IP assignment and payment details) should be submitted to the office (Jo Hible), who passes on the IP assignment to R&E and sets up the contract. To avoid administrative delays, the UROP form should be submitted no later than one month before the start of the project.
  7. Supervisor sets project status to “ongoing” on UROP site
  8. Project starts
  9. Remind student that it’s possible to obtain RHUL passport points for UROP (a programme to encourage extra-curricular activities) by completing the passport form
  10. At the end of the project, supervisor sets project status to “completed” on UROP site