Agent Worlds Visualiser for a Mobile Phone (completed)

The aim of this project is to build a visualiser of an agent application that runs on a server. The project should allow the translation of an agent environment and the entities it may contain to a user friendly graphical representation that the user can interact with. The visualiser should be able to display the … full description “Agent Worlds Visualiser for a Mobile Phone (completed)”

Interactive Visualisation of Disentangled Representations (completed)

This project aims to develop an interactive visualisation toolkit based on existing technologies (IPython & Plotly) that will assist researchers in debugging and understanding complex models in the area of representation learning. Representation learning is a sub-field of machine learning that focuses on developing techniques for representing objects that exist in high-dimensional space (e.g. faces … full description “Interactive Visualisation of Disentangled Representations (completed)”

Presenting Agent Simulation Experiments in COGNISIM (available)

When we simulate a system or a process, we normally want to imitate its operation over time. This need arises in a variety of contexts, from engineering to testing, training, education and video games. We are interested in simulation models that involve modeling human systems to gain an understanding of how they behave over time. … full description “Presenting Agent Simulation Experiments in COGNISIM (available)”

Python and Unreal Engine 4 integration (completed)

This challenging project aims to integrate a Python-based agent framework that has been developed at RHUL with Unreal Engine 4 (UE4). With recent successes in reinforcement learning and other online learning approaches there has been much work on developing environments to test new and state of the art algorithms. UE4 provides the perfect development environment … full description “Python and Unreal Engine 4 integration (completed)”