Automated verification of Rowhammer mitigations (available)

Rowhammer [1], first introduced in [2], is a security exploit that relies on electromagnetic side-effects happening in DRAM memories due to repeated accesses to the same row(s) in a short period of time. In fact, accessing the same row in the DRAM many times in a short span of time may cause electromagnetic interactions with … full description “Automated verification of Rowhammer mitigations (available)”

Self-localisation of drones using machine learning (available)

Drones are cool, but sometimes things go wrong. Imagine a drone is exploring an area, and all of a sudden the GPS signal becomes unreliable. How can the drone estimate its location, and avoid getting lost? Perhaps we can use data from its sensors and picture from the camera. In this project, we would like … full description “Self-localisation of drones using machine learning (available)”