Algorithms for Temporal Graphs (completed)

The project will be co-supervised with Argyris Deligkas. The focus of the project is to study and optimize real-life networks that change over time. Some prominent examples of such networks include logistics schedules, public transportation systems, electricity-demand over power grids, information flows, and virus spreading. We plan to study this type of problems through the … full description “Algorithms for Temporal Graphs (completed)”

Local Search Heuristics for Schelling Games on Graphs (completed)

Schelling games were recently introduced and studied as a novel class of strategic games inspired by the Schelling’s model of residential segregation. These games are played on an undirected graph that represent the topology of a residential area. In addition, we are given a set of agents partitioned into multiple types. Each agent occupies a … full description “Local Search Heuristics for Schelling Games on Graphs (completed)”