Smart cars – Accident scene reconstruction (available)

Starting Date: Begining of July
Will results be assigned to University:

Smart cars have a number of sensors monitoring the status of the vehicle and  at the same time assisting the driver. These sensors traditionally monitor temperature, battery levels, etc. They are relatively simple circuits that may also alert the driver for possible vehicle damage. Some of these are also working towards collision mitigation by monitoring the driving environment. However, during an accident it might be necessary to forensically examine certain sensors in order to attempt to provide further evidence as to what exactly happened. Which sensors can be examined, tools used and the exam processes are the core idea of this project.

In this project, the UROP recipient will have to investigate the overall concept of mobile phone forensics, use standard forensic methodologies and practices and equally importantly create simulated demo of a vehicle collision scene. Subsequently, design a subsystem that will collect the relevant data from the sensors and attempt to provide the necessary evidence.

The respective UROP recipient will be pivotal in shaping the scope of this project and lead the research activities in collaboration with the ISG-SCC team.