Digital Humans in a Virtual Reality Football Platform. (available)

Starting Date: 05/07/2020
Prerequisites: Artificial Intelligence
Will results be assigned to University:

Libero is a VR football platform; a ground-breaking experience in visitor focused, immersive content that allows fans to truly live the history of famous football clubs, whilst also giving them a glimpse of what the future holds. Using A.I., world-class animation and award-winning storytelling, we can engage fans, new and old, in a way that has never been done before.

We are looking to create a realistic A.I. character who will guide viewers through our experience. The A.I. character will help to connect the users to the experience and the history of its subject, as well as making it more personal and repeatable. It is expected that this will be achieved through conversational interactions as well as the A.I. reading body language/ emotional reactions and responding accordingly. Another option is to use data collected from the user (name/ age/ gender etc) before they enter the experience.

This study is designed to identify the current state of the art in the use of A.I in Digital Humans across similar or related technologies. Once the current landscape has been established, the study will then be used to look at possible areas of ‘next step’ innovation that could be implemented into our experience. There is also potential to further collaborate with Royal Holloway, Computer Science department to design and build these innovations so a focus should be placed on areas of expertise already present in the department.

Further to this, the study should identify other areas of larger-scale R&D that could potentially be developed and built in the future, with the help of other funding streams.