A Web interface to the ART software language engineering toolkit (available)

Starting Date: Easter 2020 or thereafter, but within term time
Prerequisites: Expertise in Java and web technologies; and interest in programming languages
Will results be assigned to University:

ART is a software tool developed with the Centre for Software Language Engineering which addresses a spectrum of modern programming language technologies, including generalised parsing, attribute grammar evaluation and executable formal semantics specifications. ART is used extensively in our course CS3480 Software Language Engineering and will shortly be released for general use.

We would like to implement a browser based interface to ART that can be used both on a standalone machine and via a Web browser to a server based within the department. The idea is to allow potential users a simple way to try out the tool as well as supporting sophisticated workflows in a graphical way rather than to supplement the existing command line interface.

This project would suit somebody who is familiar with Web technologies for serving applications and is comfortable with HTML5 graphics, and who has a developing interest in programming languages. For further details, ask Adrian Johnstone for a discussion.

This project will run as part time within term time.