Agent Development Library (completed)

Starting Date: 29th May 2017
Prerequisites: Excellent Java skills and some ability to work with Prolog
Will results be assigned to University:

The aim of this project is to extend an existing agent library implemented in Java. The project should allow the deployment of one or more software agents that are capable of performing actions in an electronic simulated environment that has its own physics. The objectives of the project are to: (a) implement a concrete environment on top of the library, (b) support the execution of individual actions of an agent deployed in that environment (such actions can be (i) physical i.e. involving interaction of the agent with one more objects in the environment, (ii) communicative i.e. involving exchanging messages with other agents in the environment or (iii) sensing i.e involving pointing an agent’s sensors to a particular area of the environment); (c) implement a server component which is robust and scalable with respect to multiple incoming connections and isolation of the different simulations, and (d) experimentally evaluate the new library with different scenarios and deployments.